Monday, July 7, 2014

Hilton Head 2014

You may have noticed the lack of posting over here, we just returned from a trip to Hilton Head Island with The Husband's family.  We had such a good time, this was our second summer to go, and the beach, pool, bike rides and family time were just what we needed!

My favorite vacations are the kind where you stay up talking, sleep in (thank you H!!  She slept till 8 or 9 every morning!), wear more swim suits than real clothes, don't dry your hair or put on make up, and each fresh quac and chips by the pool while you sip sweet tea (spiked for me).

Both B and I have been working pretty hard lately, and he especially needed a break.  He enjoyed golfing in the AM while H and I went to the beach and pool with his Mom, SIL and my 5 year old nephew.  To say H adores him would be an understatement.  Almost all the pictures we take of the 2 of them are of her looking at him and not the camera.  When she realizes she can't marry him she is going to be devastated.

I feel so lucky  to have married into a family that I get along so well with.  B's parents are so welcoming to both me and my SIL, they treat us like one of their own kids.  I can't imaging not getting along with your in-laws, that seem so stressful.  We all had a great time and are already planning our next trip together, probably to Disney World.

Hope everyone else had a great 4th and got to enjoy some family and some fun!

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Lindsay N. Strickland said...

Love the photos, looks like a fun vacay spot!! You need to share/blog your Disney trip planning! I want to take Jonah right before he starts school (we have awhile) and would love to know tips!