Monday, June 9, 2014

Strickland & Co Party Invitations

Happy Monday!  Today I am excited to introduce to you a blog friend's new etsy shop, Strickland & Company.  L and I have been bloggy friends for a couple of years, and her family blog always has the cutest headers, graphics and picture collages.  She is also an amazing party planner, so she decided to combine her love of graphics + party planning to create her own custom party invitations.  You can shop her designs on etsy here, and she is happy to work with you to create custom designs that fit your specific theme.  Her prices are great, around $15 for a graphic.

Some examples of her designs:

I'm a big fan of purchasing invitation graphics of etsy, there are so many cute designs and it can be more affordable than using a site like or  Once you purchase the image and it is emailed to you, you have a couple of choices:

-print it at home

-print it on photo paper at Walgreens or another photo printing store.  I like to use matte paper, it looks more like an invitation and less like a shiny photo :)

-Costco recently started printing invitations on cardstock, so if you are a member, be sure to check it out

-Lindsay recommended Overnight Prints to me, she has used them before and was happy

-And if you are short on time + super lazy like me, I have even texted the picture out to party guests instead of printing and mailing them!

If you are in the market for party invitations, I highly recommend checking out Strickland & Company!

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Lindsay N. Strickland said...

Thanks, K!! I appreciate the post and your kind words. I hope you have a great week! :)