Friday, June 6, 2014

Confession Friday

The past few weeks have been super busy with work.  I am doing my best to leave on time, spending time with H and The Husband, and then work some more after she goes to bed.  But I have been slacking a bit in some other departments

-I confess that I counted swimming lessons as a bath for my kid this week.  I am secretly grateful that she has the same kind of hair I do that never gets greasy and you can't tell when I haven't washed it :)

-I confess that when I am stressed at work it makes me want to online shop.  I am currently crushing hard on a Gigi New York leather tote with my initials on it

-I confess that a friend recently told me she is pregnant with #2 and it did not make me jealous or want another one in the slightest

-I confess that I let plastic kid dishes and Tupperware from the week stack up on the left side of the sink until I finally get around to washing them.  This is a weekly occurrence.  I hate washing plastic dishes, so many little parts

-I confess that this week I just now realized that when H is in real school, I will have to find somewhere for her to go for the Summer when I am at work.  AHHHH!

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