Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mommy and H Lunches

After a couple weekend road trips and a not-as-healthy diet for H, I was glad to be home and packing some nutrients into her lunch!

ravioli with organic sauce + shakeology oat brownie + snap peas + yogurt

yogurt + grapes + cheese quesadillas + lemon pepper chicken

berries + cheese cubes + crackers + turkey sausage breakfast pattie

strawberries and grapes with coconut flakes + green beans + sand which round pizza

chicken enchilada casserole + cheese + blueberries + pretzel chips

pizza + grapes + trail mix with popcorn, fish and raisins

ravioli + sausage + fruit salad for dinner

this is a good example of how I used left overs and small bits in her lunch.  I packed 3/4 the container of yogurt for her the next day and used the remaining few spoonfuls to toss into a fruit salad we all shared at dinner.  We had a few left over ravioli from dinner, and it was not enough for me to eat for lunch the next day, but it was the perfect amount for H to eat.  I try not to let even small amounts go to waste and find a way to use them in her lunch the next day.

And for me this week, lemon pepper chicken and veggies with green beans, squash, zucchini and tomatoes sauteed with garlic.  It was actually pretty tasty and filling!


Chelsea Phillips said...

What kind of snap peas do you use in H's lunches? did you cook your lemon pepper chicken. I'm a new follower and also a working mom. I'm loving the working mom perspective on a blog. First full-time working mom blog that I've found actually. I'm impressed that you are able to keep your life so "together" and encouraged that I can do the same!

Kimberly said...

Chelsea, sorry I can't email reply, your account is not linked to email. The snap peas are dried peas that they have near the croutons and salad toppings at my grocery store. Its a white bag with green letters. They do have salt, which I don't love, but its hard to find veggies she will eat in her lunch. And the chicken is chicken tenderloins with a lemon pepper marinade spice packet that I mix with lemon juice. Then I just bake them. We shared them for lunch this week :). Hope that helps!