Monday, May 12, 2014

The "I'm a 33 year old Mom bikini"

I'm not trying to be all "look at me I still wear a bikini", but I do.  I eat healthy, and still look decent so I figure I will wear one as long as I can still pull it off.  And if you ever want to feel good about your body, just go to WalMart during the Summer.  There, you are welcome.  Instant self esteem builder.

Anyway, last year I discovered this new style of bikini top at Target, and I fell in love.  I see they are back again this year at almost every store, so I must not have been the only one.

I present to you, what is called the flounce or hanky style top:

Not a tankini, but not hey-look-at-my-boobies triangle top.  Because I have never looked good in a triangle top, not even at my smallest.  I like it because it is still a 2 piece, but offers a bit more coverage, I don't feel naked, and I don't feel like H is going to yank it off and give everyone at the community pool a free show.

This year I bought a royal blue top from Target, but because I am slightly curvy on bottom, Target bottoms do not work for me.  Serious case of muffin top.  So I am still searching for matching bottoms, and hope to find them soon.  I don't like matchy matchy anyway, so I am just looking for something that coordinates.  Hoping to stop by a VS soon and try one on that I have seen online.

We are taking 2 trips to the beach this Summer, so a new suit or 2 is definately needed.  I already scored a super cute cover up at J Crew on clearance with a gift card.  So I paid $.03 for it.  Score!

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