Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cute Mom Sneakers

If you know me IRL, you know I have 2 looks.  Dressed up for work, and PJs.  My life mostly consists of work and being at home, and one place my wardrobe really lacks is cute going out to dinner clothes, and casual clothes that are not sweats.

I have some gift cards left over from Christmas and birthday, so I have been working on beefing up my Summer casual wardrobe.

#1 on my list were some cute casual shoes.  I used to be a sky-high-wedges kind of girl, but since having H, they no longer work for everyday wear.  I needed some comfy casual shoes for weekends, the park, etc.

Now, I am not a tennis shoes kind of girl unless I am working out (which is never) so that was out.  I kept trying on Sperry's, but they a) weren't that comfortable b) I was worried they would make my feet smelly and sweaty c) don't really go with my "look"

My SIL looks cute in converse, but I just wasn't feeling them on me.  Too sporty, not girly enough.

I finally found these slip on Van's at Nordstrom and I LOVE them.  They are SUPER comfortable, easy to slip on, and the pattern is cute and versatile.  I've worn them without socks and they don't hurt or get smelly.  We live near a Van's outlet, and I will definitely be stopping in to see if there is a second pattern I need to add to my closet!

After I bought them, I noticed several fashion bloggers wearing the same ones, so they must be cute!  And for reference, I am usually a 6.5 in sneakers or wedges and a 7 in closed toe pumps.  I took my normal size 6.5 in these.

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Lindsay N. Strickland said...

Love them. They are really adorable!