Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lunches Lately

H has been altering between hungry and not wanting to eat anything at meal times over here, so her meals are a little all over the place.  I try to keep her from snacking, but if she didn't eat dinner, she gets hungry at 7:30 at night and then won't go to sleep.  So I am struggling to find a balance between "eat what I tell you at meal times" and "I'm hungry" at random times throughout the day.

annies mac n cheese + ham + popcorn and raisins + applesauce

mac n cheese + turkey + berries + yogurt

cheese and turkey + crackers + grapes + yogurt

left over lasagna + cherries + yogurt + applesauce

The lasagna is left over from dinner out on Friday night.  All the kids meal options were pretty unhealthy, so I ordered her a full size lasagna and she has eaten it for 4-5 meals.  Not that lasagna is healthy, but I think it is better than chicken fingers and french fries.

And for me this week, a taco bowl with brown rice, black beans, corn, shredded seasoned chicken and salsa.  Very filling and satisfying!

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