Thursday, May 1, 2014

Leftovers for Lunch

On Sunday I did a big prep day and made:

- shredded chicken in the crock pot to use in a green chili casserole, quesadillas and in taco bowls
- lemon pepper chicken and veggies for my lunch
- kale and veggie soup for an afternoon snack at work (tasted better than it sounds)
- breakfast casserole
- no bake energy balls

There was a ton of chicken, so that has made this week pretty easy.

In lunch news, H has been doing better about eating what we eat, so she got leftovers a few times in her lunch, which is nice when you just have a small bit of something left from dinner.  Perfect size for a toddler!

chicken quesadillas + energy ball + fruit snacks + pears

green chili chicken casserole + cheese + strawberries

turkey deli meat + cheese and crackers + hummus + raspberries and an energy ball

small slice of pizza + peas + raspberries + yogurt

pizza + green beans + pears + yogurt

lasagna + meatball + banana oat cookies + grapes

lasagna + cheese + oranges + trailmix

gotta love Stouffers frozen lasagna when you don't feel like cooking!

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