Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Prep

Today during nap time I made:

turkey meatballs and cheese ravioli for H

lean lemon turkey &
sweet potato black bean casserole (for my lunch)
crock pot pork tenderloin in verde sauce
small batch no bake energy bites

I make sure the house is picked up after I put H to bed (or we both put her to bed, lately it has been a tag team effort) so I don't feel stressed and cluttered on Monday morning.  I find that my level of stress really decreases if I have less "stuff" cluttering up my house.

I also try to do some grooming/face maintenance on Sunday nights.  I pluck my eyebrows, use my Clarisonic,  apply extra face creams and serums, trim my nails, etc.  It helps me start my week fresh and is the only time I can find to make sure all that gets done once a week.

Are you sold on Sunday prep day yet???

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