Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Shoes for Momma

I'm working on re-organizing and cleaning out my closet.  Cleaning out my closet is actually an ongoing process for me, I keep a bag in there and whenever there is something that doesn't fit right, or I just don't wear or like anymore, I toss it in there.  When it fills up, I go through it and sort into a donate pile, a sell pile and a hand-me-down pile.  Lucky for me friend, J, I tend to shrink things and she gets my hand me downs.  I will just keep telling myself I am shrinking things, not just getting bigger :)

I used to store my shoes in individual plastic boxes up on a shelf, and kept the ones I wear the most on a rack on the floor.  But I am wanting to change from less boxes up top (b/c I can't see them and don't wear them as much) to more on the floor.  I was also in desperate need of a shoe clean out and restock.  I am really hard on shoes, and walking downtown in heels tends to wear them out quickly.

So in the process of cleaning out, I also decided to invest in some new pairs.  I scored these Frye Melissa Button Boots (in a different color) at DSW the other day.  They were by no means cheap, but they were discounted and are a classic that I will wear often in the Winter with leggings:

I also got some nude Cole Haan flats on sale at Nordstrom.  Now, I am pretty cheap and hate spending more than $40 on shoes, but I couldn't find any nude flats that I liked that were comfy for cheap, and I know these Cole Haans will last a long time.


I also need a few new pairs of work shoes, but I have strict requirements for them and haven't found the perfect pairs yet.  But, for you working Moms, these are my favorite work pumps.  SUPER comfy, no platform, perfect toe and not too high heel:


Como Corso Del pump

They sell them at Nordstrom, but they often go on sale on sites like 6pm.com.  Full confession, I usually get mine on ebay for around $45.  They are often the store display model and I am totally fine with a little wear on the bottom for the deep discount.  They only last me about a year anyway, and I hate paying full price!

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