Friday, August 30, 2013

Lunches & New Shoes!

H saw me taking a picture of her lunch the other night and got so excited, she wanted to look at it on my phone.  She kept saying "Hadley lunch."  It was so cute.  Glad she appreciates the effort, it really isn't that hard to put together.  And I think the little cups help me put in a variety of foods, which she likes.  I got them from, a website for Japanese style bento boxes and accessories.

breaded chicken cut into nuggets + spinach nugget + cheese quesadilla + grapes and raspberries + no bake energy bite + cherries
left over green chili chicken enchiladas + refried beans + peaches + 1/2 cliff kidz bar + snap peas
turkey rolls + sweet potato and spinach nuggets + babybel cheese + raspberries + ritz bitz + no bake energy bite
1/2 hot dog + crackers + string cheese + peaches + 1/2 cliff kidz bar
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Husband was out of town for a few days earlier in the week, and H and I had a shoe shopping and pizza date.  Her new school has wood chips on the playground, and she needed some new closed toe shoes so we headed over to Ross.  Yes, Ross.  Its my secret kids shoe shopping store.  I find really nice brand name shoes there for a pretty good price.  We ended up with these Puma sneakers in a size 6, still selling at Nordstrom for $49, I got them for $24.
available at Nordstrom
I also picked up a pair of Ralph Lauren mary jane sneakers in navy for $14, retail is about $30
So there is my secret, great kids shoes at Ross.  Go get you some!

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