Monday, September 9, 2013

Leftovers for Lunch

Still packin' lunches at our house.  A couple of you have remarked that H eats really well and is willing to eat a variety of foods.  I guess she does pretty good in comparison, I never really thought about it till people started saying something.  I like to think that my homemade baby food had something to do with it and fueled her love of natural foods.  We do our best to eat healthy at our house, I have been shopping the perimeter of the store and buying much less prepacked foods and carby sides than I did 6-7 years ago when we got married.

To make lunch packing easier, I keep a stash of things ready at all times in the freezer and the pantry.  I keep fresh fruit around and usually have to shop for that twice a week.  Would anyone be interested in seeing a list of foods that I keep in the pantry/freezer at all times?
Here is a mix from last week and Monday:
pizza (made from a sandwhich round, organic ragu and turkey pepperoni) + bunny cookies + spinach nuggets + peaches
The Husband tasted her "pizza" the other night and remarked that it was actually pretty good.  Score for me, its really easy to make and healthier than real pizza!
PBJ with a heart cut out + pears + peas and pretzels with hummus
turkey sausage + quesadilla + yogurt + blueberries + clif kidz bar
the quesadillas and clif bar were left over from lunch and snack on Sunday.  I try to keep even small bits of leftovers for use in her lunch.  A tiny piece of chicken or a bit of a side left from dinner are perfect portions for her lunch!

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