Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 2

cheese tortellini + organic ragu + broccoli bites + apple & pear sauce + ritz pb bits
Yes, Its upside down.  I'm working on a way to share these meal pics easily.  In case anyone cares.
Day 1 at her new school was a success!  No crying at all when I dropped her off, and only minimal sadness during the day around nap time.  She loved playing outside, learned some new songs, and made a bunny out of cotton balls.
Day 2 drop off was a little more difficult and she required more hugs, but no tears!
Today I am picking her up a bit early for swimming lessons, which she loves.  She is such a little fish.

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Jason and Jenny said...

Keep these meal ideas coming! D's school provides lunch but I will use these for dinner. Where are the broccoli bites from?