Friday, April 19, 2013

Pigtails & Mean Girls

Someone got their first set of pigtails last night.  While The Husband distracted her with coloring, I did my best to part her hair.
I used the HEB brand tiny clear elastics - they were recommended to me b/c they stretch more than other tiny clear elastics and they worked great.  I was actually able to get my fingers in there and twist them pretty well
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My first job of out college was in the Merchandising/Buying program at a major department store.  It wasn't a hip and trendy store by any means, and they were working in infusing a new fresh crop of recently college grads into the work force.  We were referred to as "new talent."
Since there were not many of us youngins there, we tended to flock together.  We were young, single(ish) and into fashion.  We were quickly and jokingly (I hope) nicknamed the "Mean Girls" and I was dubbed head of The Plastics.  Not sure if this was a compliment or what, but whatever, I went with it.
Fast forward 8 years (dang, I'm old) and it seems as though I have myself my own little Cady Heron.  H's teachers told me that she has a groupie.  One of the little girls in her class follows her around, waiting for her to drop her blanket or dog, so she can hand it back to her.
And the other day, when the older (and by older I mean 24 month) girls were in her class, she ditched her same-age playmates to play pretend with the older girls.
I think I'm in for a long road ahead, and for sure a couple of sleepless nights as I wait up for my teenage daughter.......

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