Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Half Birthday

On Monday night we celebrated H's 18 month birthday with cake and ice cream in the backyard.  She was very neat about it, and wanted to use her fork to eat her cake.  She does not like her hands to get messy, and would grunt at my to get frosting off whenever she got a spec on her.
I haven't done a monthly update in months, so I thought it would be fun to do one for this milestone half birthday:
Height: 32" when laying down, 31" when standing.  This is a weird thing I noticed at her last visit, there is a huge difference when they mark her laying down vs standing up.  It puts her in the 60% for height or the 25%.  Big difference!
*also interesting, the pedi told me at age 2 they are approximately half their full grown adult height.  So right now she is on track to be taller than her Mama's 5'2"........
Weight: 23 lb 4 oz.  & 30%
During the week we wake you up for school at 6 am, and you don't really like it.  It takes you awhile to wake up, so you drink your milk and lounge on our bed while we finish getting ready.  You take a 2 hour nap after lunch at school.  All the kids lay down on their little nap mats, and the room is dark.  You snuggle with your blanket and can sleep for hours.

On the weekends you sleep in, and wake up anywhere from 7:30-8:30.  Mommy thanks you!

You still have a morning and evening bottle, about 5-6 oz of whole milk.  Since you refuse to drink milk from a cup, this is the only way to get you to drink it, and I think it is comforting for you.

At school you eat breakfast at 7, and again at 9.  Followed but lunch, 2 snacks, and dinner.  You love to eat!  You eat everything they feed you at school, but are more picky at home.  Sometimes you only want cheese and crackers, and other times you will grab whatever is on my plate to taste.  It really depends on your mood.

Being outside is your favorite thing ever.  You ask to go outside constantly, no matter if it is dark or raining.  You love your blanket(s) and dog, but are getting better about leaving them stored away during the day.  You also can't get enough of the park, and we sometimes go twice a day on weekends.

You love Daddy the most some days, and Mama the most other days.  You love to visit your grandparents, cousin Caleb, and dog Molly.

You also love music, buckles, school, tea parties, coloring and books.  You are an all around happy girl.

You don't dislike much, but I will say that you are not really into watching TV.  We watch 15 minutes of Elmo on weekends in the am if you haven't slept through it.  And you are also hot and cold about dogs.  You like the idea of them, and looking at them from afar, but when they come close they sometimes scare you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I really wanted to write one of those letters to you that I see other moms so eloquently write to their children on their blogs.  Letters where they say how amazing their child is and that they are the funniest, smartest kid they know.  But I am just not that good of a writer, nor am I that sentimental.

But, I will say this Hadley Jean.  I can't wait to see your sleepy face every morning.  And I rush home from work every day and try to see what you and Daddy are up to because seeing you is the best part of my day, everyday.

We love you so much, you complete our little family.  And you are super funny.


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Lindsay @ The BowTie & The Skirt said...

Oh my goodness!! Where have I been?! She has become a little lady while I've been absent from blogland. Hope you're doing well!!

Still love your blog :)
AND, we moved back to TX from Alabama (The Woodlands, actually) so we're neighbors now!!