Friday, March 15, 2013

Big Girl

Lately, she has seemed like such a big girl.  She wears skinny jeans.  And she got some new Toms, which are too big, but she insists on wearing anyway.  She has opinions about which jacket to wear, and which bow to wear in the morning.  (which makes me happy, after having a baby that would pull the bows right off her head, she has turned into a toddler that asks for a small bow every morning!)

The other day I asked her if she wanted goldfish, yogurt bites or cheerios for a snack.  She chose goldfish, but she wanted to reach in the bag and fill her cup herself.  She scooped out 2 handfuls, and tried to put the lid on her snack cup.  Then she marched to the back door for our evening walk.  It was such a small act, but it warmed my heart and made me love her even more.

When did she become so independent?  She is such a smart girl, I think it helps her gain confidence when I let her do things herself, even if she doesn't do them perfectly.  Some days I feel like we are actually doing a good job at this whole parenting thing.

enjoying some back yard "OUTSIDE!!" time in her owl hat.  Which I paid $6 for and is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

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