Monday, March 18, 2013

If It Makes You Happy

I was always a little proud of myself for never giving H a pacifier.  I was worried she would be like 4 and have this thing in her mouth all the time.  Every picture would be of her with a paci.  I was kind of smug about it.
So it serves me right that I now have a blanket & stuffed animal loving child.  She has a large minky blanket, and a mini blanket that she sleeps with.  And she has Dog.  No name, just Dog.  She got him (yes, he is pink and a boy) for Christmas and immediately loved it.  So she sleeps with 2 blankets and a Dog every night.  During the day we don't let her have the big blanket, but she does carry around the mini B and her Dog.  And she sometimes wants you to wrap Dog up in the mini blanket so she can carry it around like a baby.
She knows most of the time that Dog and B don't go outside with her to play, but she wanted to take Dog to the park the other day.  And she wanted Dog to swing.  It made her so happy.
The other night The Husband asked me if I thought it was ok that she was the only one in the class with a blanket and a dog she had to take everywhere.  If you saw her face when she sees them and gets to nuzzle in their softness, you would have a hard time taking them away, just like I do.
So yes, for now, I think its just fine.  Besides, her teacher told me the other day that she was the only child in the class that never does anything to hurt any of the other kids.  Never hits, never bites, and never takes their toys.  So there.  Smugness returns.  My kid is nice.  Except when she bites and hits me.  Just when you think you are good at something, kids love to make you eat your words.
PS - if you happen to have one of these dogs laying around in your toy room, let me know.  Its by Fiesta and I can't seem to find it anywhere and I would LOVE to have a back up Dog!!!

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Ann said...

AE has Taggie (mini minki blanet w/ grograin tags) and Puppy. They.Go.Everywhere with her. Everyone else takes her Taggie away from her during the day, but not me. It's hard. So H is not the only one, promise. :)