Friday, March 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink

A friend from high school & sorority days recently had baby #3. Which I can not even fathom! But she had 2 boys, and finally got a little girl. The room is painted with a light pink on the bottom half of the wall, and a neutral beige on the top half.   The bedding is the Lambs & Ivy Duchess set, which has pink & black damask patterns, with some polka dots and butterflies as well:

 And here is what I did for her wall above the crib:
Its hard to tell in the picture, but the stripes alternate with a light pink and even lighter pink.  There are butterfly accents to tie into the bedding, and some ballet slippers because Mom loves dance and planned on incorporating that into the room as well.
The butterflies I did with paper, polka dot backs with white wings.
It had been awhile since I painted anything, and it was fun.  I have a couple of projects planned for my own house, but can't quite seem to get the time to start working on them.
I also have a couple painting projects to make as gifts for friends - one wedding present and one new baby present.  Hoping to get the time to work on them this weekend, Mimi & Poppy (my parents) will be here to occupy H for a bit, which is so nice!

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Jocelyn said...

Beautiful work, as always! I'm glad you're finding some time to create again :)