Monday, February 11, 2013

Real Everyday Food for Toddlers

enjoying her hummus cup a little too much......when they are on her plate she ignores all other food and just asks for more hummus
Pinterest is full of toddler meal idea pins.  I have a Pinterest board called "Feed the Babe" that is full of ideas.  But let's face it, I don't always have time to make my own granola bars and wrap them in paper for a "quick breakfast on the go." (Um, who does have that kind of time??)
In honor of some friends that have recently started solids with their babies, here are a list of the real finger foods we eat on a daily basis:
red grapes
blueberries (stay good in fridge longer than any other berries)
bananas (sliced, and whole, she likes to have the whole thing sometimes)
2% greek yogurt (Chiboni w/ fruit or Fage w/ a little applesauce mixed in)
Whole Foods whole wheat waffles with flax (4 rounds in a waffle, she gets 2)
whole wheat goldfish
yogurt melts
HEB brand fruit twits (nothing but fruit)
Nutrigrain bars
banana ice cream from my Yonanas machine
more yogurt
baby food pouches (try to get some w/ veggies mixed in)
Sargento reduced fat yellow/white cheese sticks
reduced fat Ritz crackers
more fruit
Sabra individual hummus cups
Del Monte madarin oranges packed in water or fruit juice (not syrup)
other fruit from the little plastic cups - pears, peaches, pineapple, all packed in water or juice
Lunch Dinner
Bertoli whole wheat & cheese tortellini w/ organic Ragu pasta sauce
organic chicken nuggets
quesadillas (from the microwave)
grilled cheese on wheat bread
PB&J on wheat bread (not cut up, she loves to hold the whole sand which)
mini meatballs
chili with less spices than our version
Favorite Feeding Items:
GLAD disposable condiment containers (perfect size for small servings of yogurt or cereal, I've been re-using mine for almost a year and they work better than any of the other small expensive contains I bought)
Bumkins Super Bibs
Gerber plates with lids
This is not everything we eat, we always try to let her have a bit of what we are eating to expose her to new things.  But, this list is definitely what I keep on hand to offer her if she is having a picky day!

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