Thursday, June 21, 2012

Party Drinks Sign

Last weekend The Husband and I attended and engagement party for some good friends of ours.  It was hosted by the groom's sister-in-law, who also happens to be a friend of mine.  She went all out with Pinterest-inspired decorations, including a sign for the drinks table.  She was inspired by this Pinterest image, and she asked me to make a similar sign for her:

I did my own spin on the sign, inspired by chalkboard artists, and came up with this:

The frame was a thrifed find, which she spray painted glossy red.  And I'll let you in on a secret - the chalkboard is actually black foam board and the chalk is really paint pens.  Instead of cutting a board and painting with chalkboard paint, it was cheaper and faster to use foam board.  I was a little nervous about not being able to mess up and wipe it off with water like you can chalk, but it turned out ok!

The pint glasses and wine glasses all have little chalkboard paint labels on theme so that guest could write their name on them and not loose track of their glasses.  So clever!


Tiffany Mendenhall said...

Love it!! I'm totally going to use this for a party. I repinned your original pin from Style Me Pretty but I just love your twist on it. I have a million chalk wine glasses and I could totally use them this with a cute sign like this.

Emily said...

Very cute!!!