Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And, She's Off!

We officially have a crawler in the house.  H is so laid back, that I knew it would take her a bit to get moving.  She is so content where she is and doing what she is doing, that she wasn't really motivated to move.

But this weekend, she took her first few little crawling steps.  Small little wiggly steps.  I thought she would be more excited than she was.  So far she hasn't ventured off the living room rug onto the tile, but I am sure by this weekend I will be steam moping the tile and baby-proofing cabinets.

It is also making my mornings a bit more challenging.  Before she would just sit in the middle of our bed and watch me finish getting ready, but since she can crawl off now, she has to sit on the floor.  And the floor doesn't offer her the view of Mommy that she is looking for.

Time to formulate a new morning strategy.....

1 comment:

Emily said...

Carson didn't crawl until 9 months, and it didn't take long once he figured it out to be zipping all over the house! It's another ballgame now! :-)