Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nobody Told Me

Nobody told me:

- I would never have time to go shopping, get my toes done, or lay by the pool

- That a dress and shoes would be considering a complete outfit.  There is no time for accessories anymore

- My house would never be totally clean and clutter free again

- That I would be too tired to stay out till midnight anymore

- That one glass of wine would now officially make me tipsy - and lame

- That even though my belly is back to normal, there seems to be more skin when I bend over in a bathing suit

But nobody also told me that:

- Seeing your little girl kiss her Daddy on the cheek for the first time would melt your heart

- That I would hover over my sleeping baby, hoping she would wake up so we could play and spend more time together

- Date night with The Husband isn't really that important anymore.  We would much rather hang out as a family of 3

- Making my own baby food and seeing the joy on my little girl's face as she experiences new flavors would be so rewarding

- That I would think my baby is so damn cool, way cooler than most of my friends.  No offense friends


Tabitha said...

Awe this made me even more excited to meet my little one. Thanks for sharing!

Karen from T Town said...

I love this post! Being a mom/family is so amazing in so many ways. Cherish it all they grow up in a flash! :-)

Jamie said...

This made me have tears...all of it is so true. Love your family of 3 too! So much! Miss you!