Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo Postcards from your Phone

Yep, its another post about things you can do with your Instagram photos!

If you travel, have family that lives far away, or love to send thank you notes, this is for you.  I found a company called Postagram that takes your photo, lets you add a message, enter an address, and send it as a postcard.  All for .99 and straight from your phone.  Nothing is easier than that.

I have been using it to send cards to my Mom, and thank you cards when H gets a gift.  And have I mentioned that she gets a ton of gifts?  I have been taking a picture of her with the gift and putting in a little thank you message - mostly along the lines of "Thank you for the stuffed ________________.  I like to cuddle with it, and sometimes I try to eat his face off.  Love, H"

They would be perfect to send postcards to family when you are traveling.  The picture portion of the postcard pops out, and can be saved as a printed photo.  Or for parents that travel for work, how perfect would it be to send your kids a postcard from wherever you are to let them know you are thinking about them?

This is one app I can actually see myself using over and over again.  Everyone I send one too loves it!

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Teresa said...

That is awesome, thanks!