Monday, March 19, 2012

Organized Like a Real Grown Up

Sometimes I don't feel like I am really a grown up.  I mean, I am 31, have a good job, a nice husband and a baby.  And slight crows feet.  So I know I am getting older.  But sometimes I look around the house and think to myself, "wow, I can't believe I own all this stuff and I pay my own bills."
Since we now have H, I feel like I need to start getting a little more organized like a real grown up.  In the next few months it is my goal to:
get a will
To make sure H is safe and secure should both The Husband and I die, we are working on getting a will.  Aside from The Husband's brother and my fabulous SIL, we really don't have any next of kin to take care of her.  We will probably put our parents as 2nd and 3rd place care takers, even though they are older.  Its funny to think you have to name 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Like you are ranking your family members or something.

create a digital photo organization system and back up photos
I am pretty good about getting the pictures off my memory card and saving them, but I don't have a good organization system for them.  I name my picture folders things like Halloween and Vacation.  I am going to start  naming folders starting with the year, then the month in a 2 digit format so that Windows sorts them numerically.  Like 2012-01 for January of this year.  I might also give Hadley her own folder for solo pictures of her that don't include the fam.

After that I am going to purchase an external hard drive to save pictures on.  Because I have had a computer crash and it sucks to lose everything!

compile a list of passwords and credit card information
I started an excel spreadsheet recently with websites, user names and passwords.  I have so many online accounts for bills, insurance, the blog, etc that I could not keep them all straight.  So I am starting a password protected spreadsheet in excel to keep track of all of them.  And then just in case The Husband needs to get into all of my/our accounts, he can.

I also realized that if I were to lose my wallet, I would be screwed.  I don't have any of my credit card numbers written down, and I don't keep all my statements.  The quickest way to solve that problem?  Photocopy the contents of your wallet.  Take everything out and copy all the front sides together, then the back sides.  Now you have everything you need.  My suggestion, do this at the office.  Because if you are like me you sit 12 feet from a copy machine.  So now you are out of excuses.

get fireproof box to store important docs, passwords and cc info
I know several people who have had their house burn down at some point in their life.  So I know I need to get a fireproof box for stuff like social security cards, passports, credit card info, etc.  These things are not that expensive, so I need to get one next time I am Sam's Club.

update all beneficiary info
Now that we have H, I need to add her as a secondary beneficiary to my life insurance and investment accounts.  Hopefully this is a simple process!

Ok so I am putting all this out there, so maybe I will actually accomplish some of it in the next few months.  Maybe I can manage to do one of these things a week.  And if you haven't done them either, you should get on it!

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Emily said...

Great reminder... we need to do the same! :-(