Monday, February 20, 2012

Crib Bumper Alternatives

In recent years, crib bumpers have become a heated topic of debate among organizations and parents alike.  Most bedding sets sold in stores include a crib bumper, designed to be cute and protect baby from the hard surface of the crib.  So why would they be selling them if they were not safe?  The AAP and the JPMA have different views on the subject, and it is hard to prove that bumpers are the direct cause of death for some SIDS cases.

More on the subject?

USA Today Article says American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against bumpers
Another USA Today Article blaming bumpers for SIDS

I personally chose not to use one, and since Baby H is is still small and doesn't touch the side of her crib yet anyway, it has been fine.  We will see what happens when she starts sticking her arm through the slats on the crib!

Instead of a bumper, I had a crib banner made to decorate the outside and increase the cute factor.  When she can roll over and possibly pull it into her mouth, I plan on moving it and putting it over the drapes in her room like a valance.

banner made by etsy seller FingersandToes

This felt version is another option, and can be used to decorate other areas of the nursery or even for a birthday parts!

available in custom colors from etsy seller IvieBaby

This banner is also cute, and you could spell out pretty much anything on thick paper or fabric

image from Project Nursery


Ann said...

So yes, I got a little neurotic about the crib bumber. Even though it was my geometric pink custom one that I love so much. So I took it off. Weeks pass, I am awakened by a blood curdling scream at 3am or so one night and go in to find AE's arm stuck in the slat. Bumper went back on that night. She flips from from to back and vice versa, so I am not worried any more about her suffocating herself in the bumper. I really want a cute little flag banner like yours. Maybe I'll use some of her left over fabric. :-)

ajbrown78blog said...

Hi! So funny you should post this topic now -- recently I've been wondering at what point it is considered safe to put the bumper back in the crib? My daughter is 11 months old now, and I'd sooo love to finally get to enjoy her custom-made bumper! :) It seems you read quite a few baby blogs and/or articles - any suggestions on this? Thanks so much!