Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wooden Letter Block Tutorial

A family member was making these blocks over the Thanksgiving holiday, adorning them with paper and a cross design, when I thought about using the same concept to spell out a word.  I did JOY for the holiday season, but the same idea could be used to for any season, or to spell out a name in your nursery.

You will need:
-wooden blocks
-a base paint color
-modge podge
-decorative paper
-paint or paint pen for letters
-glue gun
-wide ribbon

Start by cutting the blocks from a board and sanding the edges to round them and get rid of rough spots.  Use craft paint or left over latex paint and give the block several coats.

Next, use a brown or bronze paint to dry brush the edges, sides and back of the block.  This adds texture and dimension

Then,  use a paper cutter or scissors to cut paper to fit the front.  Light colors work best if you are going to add a letter to the front.  If you don't feel comfortable painting letters or a design on them, use your printer to print directly on the paper, then cut it out.

For my design I used vintage holiday sheet music but any scrapbook or wrapping paper will work.

Apply modge podge to the entire front side of the block, then place paper in center and smooth from the center out, making sure the edge stick.

Next, use a small brush or paint pen to spell out your word.  Or, you can cut letters out of another paper and apply them.  I wanted a matte look so I did not put another coat of modge podge on top, but if you want the block to shine you can add modge podge to all 4 sides once your letters have dried.

For a finishing touch, I knotted a piece of scrap ribbon I had on hand and used a hot glue gun to apply it to the top of the block.

See , super easy!  It took me less than 30 minutes and I used all scrap supplies I had on hand.  This concept would work for a baby's name for a baby shower, your family last name, or any holiday.

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Becky said...

Omg SO cute!! Thank you!!!