Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Baby Ever

hanging out with Daddy in our big girl room

It was a big weekend here at our house.  This weekend we installed the baby monitor and moved Baby H into her own room.  It was a bittersweet moment for me, she has been sleeping through the night for 2 weeks, so she really wasn't disturbing us in our room.  But it was time and she did great, slept for 8 hours in her crib, all swaddled up, without a peep.  Or so I thought.  She woke up at about 6 in the morning, but I didn't hear her.  She doesn't cry when she wakes up so she was just making soft sounds to herself and The Husband heard it.  I did not.  Ooops, better work on that one.

On Sunday we also started the transition from breastfeeding to formula.  I am returning to work at the end of the month, and decided that trying to manage pumping, in addition to my commute and job, would be too much.  I made a daily feeding chart for the next 3 weeks to help both of us with the transition, and I will be slowly cutting out my feedings and replacing them with a bottle.  I plan on doing a post about that transition when we are done.

Sometimes I feel like we hit the baby jackpot.  Baby H is so happy and sweet, she eats great and sleeps great.  I just feel so lucky!  I hope its because I make her feel safe and secure and that her needs are always met, but I think some of it is just luck.  I mean, what baby sleeps through the night at 5 weeks?  I bought all these sleep books to read over Thanksgiving, and she just started doing it on her own.  Just for fun, I started reading one of them and according to it, I was doing everything wrong anyway!  She has never been on a regimented schedule, and we just kind of do what she wants to do at the time.  A set schedule never worked for me, because when she was hungry, there was pretty much nothing you could do to make her happy except feed her.  I think that is the one trait she got from me, because I am the same way!

This week we are hanging out at the house, its cold here and I haven't been feeling that great.  Its The Husband's birthday this weekend so I need to recover so we can celebrate!

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Ann said...

love this post. We are still the same way at 4 months. No regimented schedule. AE sleeps 10-12 hours a night and during the day she eats, plays and sleeps in that order. Usually 3-4 hours apart on the feeding. But I am not going to try and cram her into a do or die schedule when what we are doing works so well. And don't stress too much about weaning her off of breastmilk/nursing onto bottle/formula. I think sometimes people make this a lot harder than it is. I know all babies are different, but AE really took right to the bottle and when we were still doing both she really preferred it. I think because it wasn't as much work for her! :-)Good Luck!