Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Changing Table Entertainment

A few weeks after I came home from the hospital, I got a free set of black and white flash cards in the mail from one of the formula companies.  I thought they were cute, and put them away in her toy bin for later.  Then I got an idea to create a changing table mobile with them.  And then I realized I didn't have time for craft projects right now.  So I ended up just nailing them to the wall behind her table.

She has always loved the changing table, she is so happy and comfy there and it is where I get most of my smiles.  I didn't think she would really notice the cards, but she did immediately and will turn her head and stare and coo at the animals for at least 10 minutes.  I will admit it, sometimes I leave here there to talk to them while I do laundry or some other small task.

Since babies spend so much time on the changing table in the first few years, here are some more ideas for changing table entertainment:

Flensted Mobiles

Cereal Box Mobile

Tutorial from Blissfully Domestic

Pinwheel Mobile

Tutorial by me

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