Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Pictures

So the general consensus is that Baby H looks a lot like The Husband.  And I notice his mannerisms in her quite a bit.  They even have matching cowlicks on the back of their heads in the same place.

Before she was born I was so sure she was going to look just like me - the female genetics on our side of the family are pretty strong and I look just like my Mom and even more like my Grandma.  So I asked my Mom to send me some baby pictures of myself so I could see if just maybe she looks a little like me? 

What do you think?  Maybe just the eyes?

some of my baby pictures

Baby H


Ashley said...

I LOVE comparing baby pictures! She is so cute! She definitely has your nose and eyes!

Ann said...

Your nose and eyes for sure. But do not despair. When Ann came out and they put her on top of me I literally thought "Wow, I was nothing but a holding vessel for the Husband's mini-me" She looked JUST like him. But as the weeks go on she is looking more and more like me. I even posted a photo of myself when I was little on facebook and most everyone thought it was her. :-)