Monday, October 17, 2011

More Top Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas

I know a lot of you are visiting my blog looking for gender neutral nursery ideas.  If you are not choosing to find out the gender of your baby that decorating the nursery can be a hard thing to do.  Its one of the most fun parts about preparing for the arrival of your baby and just because you don't know if its a boy or a girl doesn't mean you can have fun with that part too!

Every 6 months or so I gather some of the latest and greatest ideas for gender neutral spaces and here are some of the ones I am loving right now:

Modern Jungle Safari

Think bright basic shapes and modern neutral fabrics.  Jungle animals are great for a boy or girl and if you don't want to go with the safari theme, you can use domestic or woodsy animals too.
This nursery shows uses the popular color combo of gray and yellow, plus some bright artwork.  Mix in what you love and your room will come together.

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Bright and Basic

A neutral space doesn't have to be just green and yellow.  There are tons of other color combinations that work for both boys and girls.  Once you find out the sex of the baby, you can add pops of a more gender specific color.  Bonus with this design is that all your furniture and decor will work for baby #2 no matter what.
I love the bold stripes in this room, and that kelly green dresser is amazing.  Since its probably not a color you will find at your basic furniture store, look for a vintage or craigslist piece you can refinish yourself!

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Nature Inspired

Nature themes are peaceful and great for a boy or girl.  Think natural wood tones, tree decals and wood animals.  Soft colors make the space soothing and inviting.
image from spearmintbaby

image from Decor Pad

Neutral Color Palette

If you are daring, a color combo of white, off white and/or tan makes a soft, soothing space.  While it may not be practical, it is beautiful.  Mirrored accents and crystals add glamor to this space.

Flea Market Finds

If you are using exhisiting furniture or have a lot of family or vintage pieces you want to use, the flea market concept is a great way to incorporate a variety of pieces.  Shopping sales, vintage markets and garage sales is a great way to personalize your space on a budget.  Just go with what you love and choose a common color or or fabric to bring it all together!

image from Decor Pad

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