Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 The Husband and I at our couples shower last weekend

This past weekend was really great for me, my Mom came up one last time from Houston before the baby is born and helped me finish up my shopping, organize the house and wash all the baby clothes.  I was so thankful she was willing to come help and now I am pretty much done with everything I need to do before our lives change in a big way.  It got me thinking about how thankful I am for everything in my life and I thought I should list them out.  Because with life being so busy it is sometimes easy to forget all the good stuff.

I am so blessed and thankful for:
  • For amazing parents that helped me with projects in my nursery and did whatever I needed them to do without question
  • For a great husband that goes along with my crazy schemes, moves furniture and helps me make critical decisions like where should I hang this picture above the dresser - center or off center????
  • For such an easy pregnancy, without any morning sickness, cravings or swollen feet (yet!)
  • For Baby Cox and her gentle movement inside my belly - no powerful kicks from her!
  • That I have been sleeping so well throughout the entire night!
  • Great family and friends that threw me a total of 3 baby showers.  I felt like a celebrity and it was overwhelming to feel the love for Baby Cox!
  • For my new dining room table & chairs that will allow us to have family holidays and gatherings at our house
  • For a wonderful job that I enjoy very much, and my understanding co-workers
  • For the pregnancy massage I had yesterday
  • For these last few weekends that it is just The Husband and I and all the fun we are going to cram in - football seasons starts this weekend - whoop!
There are so many more things I could list but these are the ones that come to mind right now.  What are you thankful for?

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