Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Vanity Makeover

Last year, before I was preggo, my bestie was cleaning out her house and offered me this vintage vanity table.  It was her Grandmother's and she had had it since college.  I remember her keeping all her jewelry in it and getting ready to go out at it like 10 years ago.  Its actually what started my obsession with vanity tables and my quest to have the perfect one for my master bedroom.

Anyway, she was offering it up and I couldn't say no.  I stored it in a closet and when we found out we were having a girl, I decided to make it over and use it in the nursery.  It has all these amazing velvet lined storage compartments that will be great for storing hair bows and other personal items for Baby Cox.

Here is a picture before, I had already taken the mirror off for storage:

And here it is after 4 coats of white paint to match the crib and dresser, and some new covering for the stool:

It already has her growing supply of hair bows tucked neatly inside, and if she is anything like me she will love playing dress up at it when she is just a little older!

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Sarah said...

BEAUTIFUL! Great work Kim!