Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bad Blogger

This week I am being a bad blogger.  Between work, traveling on weekends, baby classes and preparing for the baby I have had little time to blog.  I have a whole army of half-written posts that I need to work on but I just haven't had the time or energy to finish them and make them publish-worthy.  With just 60 days left to go till the expected arrival of Baby Cox, I am finally feeling pregnant and cow-like.

Up until this point I have have been feeling great and getting around just like I used to.  I still feel fine, but moving around in this Texas heat has got me beat.  Exhibit A, the temperature reading on my car when I was stuck in a 2 hour freeway shut down this weekend all by myself.  It eventually climbed to 113 and I was dying of heat.

This weekend I am taking some friends on a little girl's trip, my last one till she arrives and my life becomes more demanding.  Hopefully on Sunday I can finish up a few weeks worth of blog posts b/c I really do have some exciting projects and tutorials to share with you guys!

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SnowflakeBrit said...

Enjoy your weekend away, can't wait to see the new projects