Monday, August 8, 2011

Nursery Wallpaper Accent Wall

I designed my nursery accent wall to look kind of like wall paper - mostly because it was less expensive and easily changed.  I love the way a patterned accent wall can really make a room pop and be the focus of the design.  I notice them more in baby girl nurseries more than baby boy, and they can be a nice alternative to the stripe trend that seems to be all the rage.  Plus, a wallpaper accent wall is sure to make your nursery 100% unique, since there are soooo many choices out there!

 Tori Spelling Nursery - image from decorpad

image from here

image from decorpad

Still not up for the task of putting up wallpaper?  Check out these fabulous bloggers and their tutorials for wall stencils to help you achieve a similar look:

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