Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Tale of Two Cousins' Gray Nurseries

The Husband's cousin's wife is due with a baby girl a month before me.  Let's just pretend the is my real cousin though, because I only have one and I like his.  I knew we would be friends when we had this conversation at a baby shower several years ago after meeting just a few times:

Me: Do you want to split this giant cupcake with me
Her: Yes
Me:  Do you care if I touch your half when I cut it
Her: I don't care if you lick my half, I will still eat it

Anyway, I she and I have been sharing decorating ideas via email, and I am always bugging her sending her pictures that go with the colors/theme she told me she wanted to use.  We both really want to use gray, and last week I came across room photos that were just perfect for both of us.

Here is mine, I think this gray wall color is nice and not too moody, plus I love the pink and white.  Just add a few pops of yellow in there and it is perfect for me.  Love love the ruffled curtains.  And those wall flowers are amazing~!

image from Ohdeedoh blog

And here is my cousins, grey stripe on the walls, with a chevron crib bumper.  She is thinking of using green or aqua, not orange, but you get the idea.  Its interesting to see gray used in a more traditional way, as well as a modern room.

image from Stella & Henry blog

I can't wait for to see how our designs turn out and for our little girls to meet!  I see many years of Aggie games and holidays ahead for us!

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