Monday, June 20, 2011

Crib is Ordered!

The crib is ordered!  Now I just have to wait 8 to 10 weeks to get it in.  Boo.  That's ok, that still gives me about a month an a half after it comes in to finish everything up.  If you remember, I originally ordered this crib from Walmart:

And decided the antique white color was really throwing things off.  It clashed with my molding and didn't go well with the gray tones I wanted to use.  So after finding a white dresser at the PB outlet, I ordered this Payton Crib from Bonavita:

I will assemble it without the wheels.  The straight lines go well with the dresser, and although it is white, I think it is boyish enough to be used for a second baby if there is one and it is a boy.

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The Queen said...


Thanks for doing all this leg work! :) If Ryan and I have a 3rd baby we are going to be surprised by the gender, so I decided a gray/yellow/aqua nursery would be perfect! However, now you are making me want to get PG just for a fun room! (and all that other parenting stuff, too!) Having fun learning from you!