Monday, May 2, 2011

Maternity Clothing Review: Loft Scuba Pants

First up in my maternity item review series, the Loft Maternity Scuba Trouser Pant

**Let me apologize that I do not have a picture of me actually wearing these pants.  I returned them before I decided to do some clothing reviews on my blog but I will do my best to describe the material and fit.

First let me say that I normally love Loft and their scuba material is one of my favorites.  I own the seamed scuba pencil skirt and the material is a thick knit, but still stretchy and not clingy.  I tried on the regular scuba pants last year and was in between sizes so I did not get them and I had high hopes for these maternity pants.  They appealed to me because so many of the black maternity work pants have a wider leg or are really flared at the bottom.  I was hoping for something more slim that would actually show that I have not ballooned into a cow yet.

The website does not really describe the maternity part of the pant, and they have a regular zipper and hook, but they have elastic in the back.  They would probably work best for your 2nd trimester, or if you were carrying small, as there is not a ton of room for expansion.

I ordered both a 0 and 2 and I am normally 5'2" and 112 lbs.  I gained 3 pounds during my 1st trimester.  I tried the 0 on first and they were HUGE.  Totally not flattering, the legs are wider than they appear on the model.  And there was an odd amount of extra fabric around the "lady parts" almost making it look like I was packing something down there.  I kid you not, they were terrible.  The Husband was very scared and I could tell was having terrible visions of what his wife may possibly look like for the next 8 months.  Maybe the looked bad because I was really not showing yet, and maybe they would work better during months 4 & 5 but I wasn't willing to wait it out, especially at that high price.

For petites, I would say these are a terrible option.  They may work if you are taller with a little curves and looking for a straight, slightly slim work pant.

Next time I promise to take a picture of my actually wearing the item!

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