Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Realistic Cars

This next set is a little different than my usual design and was quite a challenge.  Mom and Dad picked 3 different cars they wanted (one wasn't dry when I took the picture) and I did a somewhat nursery friendly interpretation of each.  My original plan was to make them a little more babyish, but with the 3 specific cars it was hard to make each one look like the real thing so they ended up a little more realistic.  Which will grow with the child so that is good. 

The walls in the room are navy blue, so the white border will help them pop.  And I added the city scene background to make them a little more interesting.

On another note, only 3 more orders to go and I will be all done!  Sad to see the business go but excited to gain some free time and a real dining room!

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