Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Real Life Room from Copy Cat Chic

This Real Life Room comes from a lovely lady that loves a good bargain.  Reichel B. from Copy Cat Chic runs a blog dedicated to finding lower cost alternatives to high end pieces.  So it is no surprise that her nursery has a high end look that did not cost as much as you might think! 

Her nursery does not have a specific theme, but the white, blue and brown color scheme works perfectly and it is filled will special pieces that give it a really personal touch.  Her bedding was custom made by an etsy seller.  The crib sheet is plain white, which are easy to find, inexpensive and add a crisp look.

To find out more about her custom made bedding, click here

I love the vintage dresser, it adds so much warmth to the space and looks like it has been in the family for ages!

And who wouldn't want to take a little name on that amazing lounge chair!

And this Burberry dress was a necessary purchase to complete the design!


Thanks for letting me share this lovely space!
For a list of where to find most of the items in her nursery, click here.


Angie said...

vintage? bargains? my kind of room!!

Copy Cat Chic said...

Yeay! Great post ;) Thanks Kimberley!

Anonymous said...

did you sell these? I want them.