Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Caden Lane Collection

Caden Lane is holding a contest with an amazing price, so to enter I am virtual-designing my dream little girl's nursery featuring some of their amazing bedding and fabric.

First, lets start with the crib bedding, since it inspired my space. This is the Ava 4 piece set from their Modern Vintage collection. If you have never seen their bedding in person, it is truly stunning. The fabrics compliment each other perfectly and the construction is very quality. The bumpers are square and hold their shape, with removable covers for washing.

Next, I would use this fabric, available by the yard, to create full length curtains panels and panels to cover the closet.
For the crib, I love this DucDuc piece because it combines white and espresso wood (my favorites) and also shows off the bedding so well. Its rather pricey so I will have to start saving my pennies!

For the walls, I love the idea of blue for a girl. A little unexpected. I would do 3 solid walls and the one behind the crib, a wide horizontal stripe like this bathroom.

To finish it off I would use my newly acquired furniture skills and refinish an old dresser in a soft shade of pink.

Now, if I can just win that contest so I can fund my dream nursery, that would be great!

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