Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bold City-Scape

Several months ago I donated a custom 18x24" painting to be auctioned off a Children's Cancer Fund lunch in Dallas. A friend of mine was organizing the luncheon and asked me if I would donate something. I try to do one donation a year (I wish I had time to fit in more!) so I was happy to help.

Here is what the winner received - her son is transitioning into a a big kid room and she really liked the colors of a city scene picture she found online. I did it in a smaller scale and customized it with her son's name.

This one is more bold and modern than my usual pictures so it was fun to do. I used bits of paper to create the windows and the plane and added in details with oil based paint pens. What do you think? Fun, right?


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Maybe my new favorite!

Ann said...

This is amazing Kim! Great Great Job!

Lindsay said...

Kim...this is REALLY cute!! :)