Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Essential Elements of a Perfect Nursery

When I am looking for ideas to share with you guys I look at TONS of pictures of nurseries. There are several blogs I check daily and I am constantly searching for a good example of an idea I want to share. Needless to say there seem to be a theme going with nurseries I love best. Here are my essential elements to a perfect nursery - in no particular order:

Storage - this one is key. I seem to like spaces that are neat and streamlined and that is hard to do with all the stuff baby needs. When planning your space be sure to add in a place for storage. Have an awkward corner you aren't using? Figure out a way to put in shelves. Places like IKEA offer endless storage options so you can customize to your needs, be it horizontal or vertical. Invest in some cute storage boxes so you can conceal your clutter and I guarantee you will feel less stressed.

Art - this is one I get asked about a lot. When customers are trying to figure out what size to order I always tell them bigger is better. There is nothing worse than having tiny picture on a big wall. If you find some small things you love, group them together tightly to form one unit. Believe me, you get bigger impact from bigger art. And although bigger might cost more, you have to buy less that way.

Maximize Space - Before you go furniture shopping, draw out the room and map things out. You might really want a long changing/dresser combo but if it won't fit in your space, don't try to make it. Another idea is to pull the crib away from the wall into the center of the room or to put a short end against the wall. You know when you watch decorating shows and they tell you to get your living room furniture off all the walls? Well, that works in the nursery too!

If you have a small room invest in custom storage solutions like this closet with the elfa system. If everything is organized there just might be room for clothes and a changing table or play desk in the closet!

Here they used books as art and went vertical with the storage. Love it!

Painted Walls - Nothing has more impact in a room than wall color. If you are able to paint, great - do it! I promise you will not regret it!

You can do traditional with a darker color on bottom and a chair rail:

Or funky with a stripe pattern:

images from DesignDazzle.com

Whatever you do, do it big. Use your crib bedding as color inspiration.

Eclectic Accessories - A nursery should be personal and I love mixing and matching accessories to make it your own. Think past the coordinating wall art that comes with your bedding pattern and pick up something that is personal or has more meaning to you.

It doesn't all have to match! I love they shelf along the top of the room with a mix of pictures, objects and letters.

images from SpearmintBaby.com

For those of you just starting to plan your space, congrats and I hope this helps!

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