Monday, April 12, 2010

Birds for Macie

Finally some new art to share! The last couple things I have done have been gifts or something the parent's weren't going to get right away so I didn't want to ruin the surprise and post them. One of my latest projects was designed to coordinate with the Dwell for Target Birds bedding set (currently on clearance online!). Here is the crib:

And here is a close up of the blanket, you can see the graphic birds and flowers:

And here is Macie's art. I did her name over her monogram for the center (an 18x18") and 2 12x12" pictures for the outside. I used paper to add some texture and finished it off with some brown and white dots along the edge.

This past weekend was Macie's first birthday - hope it was great and enjoy your new pictures!

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