Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cool Color Combo: Gray & Anything

Whenever I watch home decorating shows I am amazed at the things they can do with the color gray. My house is dominated by dark wood and more traditional tones but lately I have been loving all things gray. It doesn't have to be a cool, cold color and I pulled together some examples:
Here they mixed gray, yellow and pink with brown. Gray and brown together - I guess I have been trained that gray has to go with black (remember in HS when you had to have a belt to match everything? That must be where it comes from)
Mood board and image by Project Nursery

I love the hint of graphic rug at the bottom of the mood board. Putting a bold graphic rug ontop of carpet really helps dress it up. Don't forget that the ceiling and the floor are another surface to decorate!
Here they used a dark slate gray and mixed in a pop of orange. Again, notice the black pillows with the brown wood dresser.....

Here is just a hint of gray (in the dresser) mixed with hot pink and turquoise:
Gray and a citrus yellow - accented with white - love the paint treatment. Love the whole thing actually!
Another gray and yellow with white - I think one of the keys to pulling of gray is mixing with white so it doesn't look too dark and heavy. Those ruffled curtains are to die for! I think this one if my favorite....perfect mix of vintage glam and modern, bold prints!
Nursery designed by

Lastly, this gray and lavender room is amazing! From the fabric ceiling to the custom upholstered furniture this is a dream room!


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S. Johnson said...

Hello, I am thinking of pairing gray and yellow together in a room. Do you suggest an espresso finish or black finish on the furniture? I also have dark brown wood floors in the room.

Ashley said...

Got here via pinterest, the nursery with the yellow ruffled curtains and stenciled wall is mine. Can you credit my blog please?