Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Work: Tractor Fun

It usually takes me 3-4 weeks from sketching to mailing a picture but this latest piece was a snap. I had a request for a tractor similar to one I had already done, in colors to match this PB bedding set. Since Dad has John Deere tractors, we decided on a green one and Mom wanted to work in some of the red from the bedding.

Since she had already seen the tractor from a previous piece, no sketch was required and she trusted me to use my best judgement on everything else. I had the 16x20 in my studio (also known as my dining room) already so I was able to finish this one in a weekend. I staged the picture with a little tin star from my living room (remember, I am working on taking better pictures) and I think it turned out great:

I wish they were all this easy! Thanks for being so flexible Jessy!

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