Monday, March 8, 2010

My Work: Neutral Playroom Punch

I recently worked on a set of pictures for a gender-neutral playroom. Mom and Dad have 1 little girl and are expecting another but don't know the gender. They wanted something bright, fun, neutral and whimsical. After a few different drawings I came up with a variation of one of my most popular sets. Here is the original, done is pastels for a little girl's room:

And here is the new version, with 2 elephants and 2 giraffes (for the 2 kids) and a brighter, more neutral color palette:

The walls of the room are painted a bright turquoise, and Mom bought a set of alphabet letters A-Z to paint bright colors and put up in the room. Oh, and I should mention that before she was a SAHM, she was a its no surprise that she is well on her way to create a function, fun playroom!

The room is not totally finished yet and I can't wait to see pictures when she is done!

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