Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Design Dilemma: Natural and Neutral

Planning a cute nursery for a surprise-sex baby can be a little challenging. Green, yellow and orange are the obvious color choices but just because you don't know the sex yet doesn't mean you can't have a fun theme.

A reader emailed me last week needing some design advice for just this situation. She is thinking about doing green, black and white and adding touches of pink or blue when the baby arrives but she also really liked this set from Banana Fish:

Migi Little Tree design from Banana Fish

I featured this set last week as a top pick for little boys rooms but I think with a few tweaks it can definitely go either way. I love the combination of modern design with a nature element. Here are some suggestion to pair with it:

Kalani Crib by Da Vinci - This crib is high quality at a good price and the line offers several different changers and dressers so you can really pick the pieces that are best for your room

If its a little girl, you can add pieces with pink for a feminine touch. Other accessories could include a shabby-chic wire bird cage or fun polka dots to pull out the bedding pattern on the branches.

Or, if its a boy, a tree decal in blue and green would be really cute. Play up the outdoors theme for little boys with a monogram canvas hanging on a barnwood shelf.

Wall decal from Etsy for only $26!

And for a boy or girl I love this homemade branch mobile. If you want to wait until the baby is born you can use pink or blue to pull in another gender-specific touch.

Lastly, don't forget wall paint. Pale yellow would work well and be a neutral backdrop for pink or blue accents. Or how about 3 solid aqua walls with a feature wall of wide aqua and white horizontal stripes? With so many colors in the Migi set you can really take it in so many different directions. Hope this helps!

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