Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Work: Owl Art

A referral is the most sincere form of flattery so when Brittainy contacted me because she loved the art I did for a family member I was super excited. It still amazes me that people pay for my paintings so I am always worried that they won't like them! HA!
This is the bedding she is using for her little girl's "big girl" room. Her walls are a sage green, a little darker than the color of the owl wings:

PS - The Jordan quilt is on sale now at Pottery Barn Kids

After a couple of different sketches, we decided on (2) 16x20" with an elephant and giraffe and (1) 18x24" with an owl. I must admit, this is possibly one of my favorite sets yet. I used some paper to add a little texture and I copied the border from the quilt to use as a border for the pictures:

And here is an artsy shot - I really want to start making better use of my camera and taking better pictures of my work - I never feel like it comes out looking that good in photos.

I am very sad to announce, however, that the owl picture in the center was my first painting to be damaged by UPS. It arrived with a hole in it and I am devastated! We haven't quite figured out the best way to remedy the situation but I won't be sad if I have to paint another one b/c I just love it so much!

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KD said...

These are one of my favorite sets that you have made, too! You might want to try taking pictures of them outside. (When it is dry!) I've found that if I take the things I've made outside and photograph them, they look a lot better! Lay them on the grass or put a nail in your fence and hang them up for photo so the background is not distracting. :) Katrina