Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Work: J. Crew Cool

I've got some bad news friends. My computer is currently in the shop and it will take at least 5 business days to fix. That means another week without my precious Internet and an essential element of my blog - Photoshop. Its not that I change the way my pictures look, but I have an old camera and I am not so hot at taking pictures so I like to edit/lighten/crop them before I post. But, I miss blogging and I have some new stuff to show you so I am going to post everything Photoshop-free for at least a week.

This next set was designed for a friend-of-a-friend that just had her first, Baby William, right before Christmas. Her bedding is a stripe set from Restoration Hardware and it goes perfectly with her nautical, preppy nursery. Little background here - she also looks like she stepped out of J. Crew catalog so its a perfect theme for her nursery.

This is a set of pictures from Gap Kids that she really liked but the colors weren't quite right. She wanted more whites and some red added in:
And here is the un-edited pic of my paintings. I personalized them a bit by naming the ship S.S.W. and adding a capital W to the center of the ship's wheel. I am super happy with the way the turned out. I had to take a break on this one and step back to feel a bit more inspired and I think it worked!

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