Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Parents House: Kitchen Make-over

Due to the "Great Holiday Laptop Meltdown" that occurred over the break my ability to post fun and creative content has greatly decreased. However, I am determined to provide you guys with fresh new ideas and some eye candy so I am braving the Photoshop-free world of The Husband's old laptop to bring you pictures of my parent's amazing kitchen remodel.

Let me first give you the background on their house. When we moved from CA to TX in 1988 they built what was a mini-mansion by CA standards - a nice 4 bedroom 3 bath house. At the time wallpaper was all the rage and my Mom and Dad visited the home design center to make their fabulous selections. For whatever reason they were (and still are) really into Southwestern decor so there were lots of peach and green graphic patterns circa that design show "My Parents House." I really didn't realize how dated it looked until my Mom sent me the BEFORE picture:

White Formica counter tops + oak cabinets + peach brick = not cute

Here it is after all the cabinets had been torn out and the wall paper stripped. FYI, my mom stripped all the paper by hand and it had been applied directly on top of the drywall. She literally worked on it for WEEKS!

And here is the AFTER shot. Brand new custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances and gorgeous granite counter tops:

Another shot with the new mantle and updated southwestern art:

Here's a little tip for those of you thinking about new cabinets: My Mom priced the cabinets she wanted at Home Depot. After visit a friend's house that had amazing hand-built, custom cabinets she had the cabinet maker come over and price the same thing. Surprisingly enough, he was HALF the price of Home Depot and did some amazing custom things for her like re-designing the pantry, pull out pot drawers and double-layer organizing in the top drawers. I never would have thought that custom = cheaper!
This make-over was long overdue and I think it turned out great. They originally had plans to do it several years ago but then their little princess (me) got engaged and the kitchen funds were diverted into the wedding fund. Opps!

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